About our goal

Help us in commemorating the 75th Anniversary of D-Day and the Liberation of Western Europe by honoring the 83rd Infantry Division at the new National Museum of the United States Army. The construction of the National Museum of the US Army gives us an opportunity to support a lasting memorial to the 83rd Infantry Division. Find all information on this page how to support us in funding a memorial plaque to the Thunderbolt Division.

About the museum

The National Museum of the United States Army is currently under construction on an 84-acre site on Fort Belvoir, Virginia located 16 miles south of Washington, DC. It celebrates over 240 years of Army history and honors our nation’s soldiers – past, present, and future. This massive undertaking is led by a joint effort between the U.S. Army and the non-profit organization, The Army Historical Foundation (AHF).

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Donation options

Three donation options pertain to the members of the 83rd Infantry Division Association. Learn more about the options below. A link to the donation page is provided for each option, if you wish to support us in this fundraising drive. For those wishing to make a donation through check or credit card, can also find the information how to through the links provided below.

Unit tributes will line the Path of Remembrance leading up wo the museum. The 12” x 18” plaques will honor individual Army units of any size and period of time. They are engraved in polished Mesabi Black granite and can include a color rendering of the Distinctive Unit Insignia and/or Shoulder Sleeve Insignia. Each Unit Tribute plaque is $5,000.

These bricks will line the Path of Remembrance and set the stage that the story of the Army is the story of soldiers.

The sponsorship opportunity for the Veterans’ Hall recognizes veteran service organizations by having their names listed on the Veteran’s Hall wall and receive other recognition benefits based upon the amount of the contribution ranging from $2,500 to $500,000. Our goal for the 83rd ID Association is $5,000 – Silver Service Star Member.

Help meet our challenge pledge

While we encourage all who can do so to honor their veteran and support the construction of the National Museum by a commemorative brick, our goal as an organization is to ensure that the 83rd Infantry Division and its Association has a place both in the line of Unit Tributes along the Path of Remembrance and in Veterans Hall.

We are very fortunate that several members have stepped up with a CHALLENGE PLEDGE to help make this happen: They will match the total donations made by February 1, 2019 (the sum of total donations for the Unit Tribute and Veterans Hall) up to $3500.

Our own Fred Pearson kicked off our campaign at the Boston reunion with a $100 donation.
Help us commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the World War 2 campaign to liberate Western Europe. Choose to contribute to one or both funds, but please contribute!