Benefits of membership

  • Basic Regular, Legacy, and Associate Membership $35
  • Additional Family Members $20.
  • Active Duty 83rd ARRTC members $20.
  • 3-year Regular, Legacy, and Associate Membership $100
  • 3- year Additional Family Members $50. 

All members receive:

  • Current membership card.
  • 10% off store merchandise
  • European Chapter shared hospitality and knowledge
  • Association U.S. members’ hospitality and knowledge
  • Research assistance to learn more about your veteran
  • Members-only electronic access to most recent Thunderbolt magazines
  • Access to regularly updated roster of members organized alphabetically, by state, and by regiment or attached unit

Regular, Legacy and Associate members receive one copy of the Thunderbolt magazine mailed twice yearly.  Active Duty members will be mailed the magazine upon request.

In addition, all new and renewing members will receive:

  • An 83rd Mask
  • A Thunderbolt Across Europe CD with special features (upon request)