The SHOULDER PATCH consists of a black isosceles triangle with its vortex pointed downward. In the center of the patch, within a gold circle, the letters "O" "H" "I" and "O" are formed in a monogram-type pattern.

The NICKNAME of the 83rd is " Thunderbolt Division". The division was originally called the "Ohio Division" due to the fact that its personnel in both World War I and World War II was to a large extent from Ohio. In March 1945, however, it was felt that through combat losses and turnover in personnel the 83rd had changed from an Ohio outfit to one representing all the states. A contest was held to select a new name and out of more than 1000 entries the name "Thunderbolt" was selected.

The SONG of the division is called "The Thundering Herd" and the 331st Infantry Regiment song "The Three Thirty First," by Pfc. Bud Hanson

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